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Owning a hot tub spa is most people’s dream come true, and the last thing you want is a dirty spa bursting your pleasure bubbles. However, regular spa care and needs often gets under the snow of hectic schedules and routines, damaging your beautiful sanctuary with time. But, we won’t let that happen to you.

Spa cleaning services is one of the first steps to be taken during the hot tub spa installation. Regular spa services and repairs means more than just the external appearance of your spa, it’s more of a deep cleansing process to maintain your overall spa experience safe and in top shape for you. While we recommend a regular care and maintenance plan, to get started you can schedule our spa cleaning service as of your convenience for quick scrub of your hot tub for some special events or occasions. Additionally, we also provide all-round spa cleaning service and repair packages for both residential and commercial needs according to your preferences and time. Get in touch with our team today!

How to get started with Spa care Services

Our professional spa service and repair don’t just clean and refill the water, rather we test and sanitise each and every area of your spa tub to ensure that your sanctuary space to relax is safe and healthy to use.

Pool Maintenance

First rate Pools offers full set spa cleaning and repair packages on weekly, monthly and biweekly routines, as per your needs and convenience.

Apart from the deep cleaning process our team of experts will also closely inspect all spa and pool equipment and suggest any repairs or fixes to ensure your hot spa is running properly.

Some of our prime hot tub spa cleaning and maintenance service checklist includes:

  • Check and treat water with the right chemicals.
  • Clean, scrub and rinse filters.
  • Wipe water lines.
  • Timely refill and drain.
  • Cleaning the spa cover.
  • Vacuum.

If you are looking for an all-around spa service and maintenance company, then think no further contact First Rate Pools today!

Choose Between Regular Spa Cleaning and One Time Spa Services

Pool Maintenance

A regular spa cleaning is more or less the same as one-time maintenance, which includes the following services:

Weekly Spa Maintenance Services:
  • Add water.
  • Check and test water to balance the chemicals.
  • Clean the filters right as per the product instructions.
  • Vacuum spas and hot tubs.
  • Add water as required.
  • Wipe the water lines, pillows and on the top surface of the spa.
  • Extra quarterly spa cleaning and maintenance services performed every quarter as per customer needs.
Quarterly Spa maintenance Services:
  • Refill hot spas and balance the water chemicals.
  • Clean different filters.
  • Clean, sanitise and drain the spa.
  • Cover, clean and treat the spa with protectant.
  • Change/fix stainless steel handrails.
  • Check the UV systems or ozonator.
  • Check all the pumps, controls and all other equipment.
Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

First Rate Pools can help you organise Regular Servicing, Pool Resurfacing, Checking all pool equipment, Solar Repairs / Installations. Get in Contact with us today for a Quote.

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Pool Equipment & Repair

Pool Equipment & Repair

First-Rate Pools are an Authorised Dealer for Dolphin Robotic Cleaners, we also supply Astral, Waterco, Polaris, Zodiac & Aussie Gold Pool Equipment. Get in contact with us today for a Quote.

Water Testing & Balancing

Water Testing & Balancing

Have piece of mind that your pools water chemistry is balanced with our accurate digital water testing technology, your pool will have exactly the right amount of chemicals it needs.

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